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Recording ID: 12011
Common Name: field sparrow
Genus: Spizella
Species: pusilla
Date: 1973-04-07
Time: 0730
Last Name: Partch
First Name: J
Country: USA
State: Ohio
County: Franklin
City: Georgesville
Site: Rough grass area due south of playfield
Latitude: 0
Longitude: 0
Master Format: Open Reel - 15
Recorder: Magnemite PT63A
Microphone: Brush BA106
Parabola: Aluminum 24
Recording Time: 0336
Recording Event: 5 FG song(s) 60 ft, 4 FG song(s) , 4 FG song(s) to playback, 40-80 ft, moving, 5 FG song(s) 60 ft
Background: American crow, tufted titmouse, parabola noise, wind, stop, birds, recorder static or other electronic noises
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Emberizidae
Sex: M
Age: A
Seen: seen
Distance: 9-24 m